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International Match Safe Association was founded in September 1998 by 26 enthusiasts from three countries. IMSA is dedicated to the collecting and preservation of match safes, and to further match safe research and education.

IMSA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit association established to promote the preservation, education and study of match safes.

Membership ranges from novice collectors to some of the world's premiere collectors, authors, dealers and specialists. We have over 100 members from the United States, England, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Israel and New Zealand. Any individual or organization interested in match safes is welcome to join.

IMSA publishes a quarterly newsletter with articles covering all aspects of match safe collecting, including history, manufacturing, provenance, pricing, counterfeit items, and much more. Classified ads are available free to our members for buying, selling, trading, requesting information, etc..

IMSA holds conventions with informative presentations, live auctions, buy-sell-trade opportunities, Show & Tell and social activities. Conventions are held in varying locations. So far, our conventions have been held in cities throughout the United States and England. At these conventions, our members are afforded the opportunity to see a vast array of match safes, to meet and network with other collectors and dealers.

Disclaimer: This web site is intended for the enjoyment and edification of IMSA members and other interested parties. The information provided comes from a variety of sources. IMSA cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information presented herein, and the data presented should not be regarded as the definitive last word on any subject. Diligence and care are used in the web site's preparation, but no liability or responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions by IMSA, its officers, members or webmaster.
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